You have growth goals. 

We’ll get you there. 

The SaaS Growth Accelerator is a focused, systematic process to identify and capture high-intent prospects most likely to purchase your products. 

Turn-key growth for companies that need scale

The SaaS Growth Accelerator is the perfect marriage of strategy and execution. We don’t just give you a plan and leave you to fend for yourself, we’re hands on creating, experimenting, and iterating. We offer three different sprint options, each tailored to overcome the strategic inflexion points in a growing SaaS company.

The SaaS 



The SaaS Growth Accelerator is designed for B2B SaaS businesses that are struggling achieve their ambitious growth goals with their current sales and marketing resources. We work alongside your team to up-level your processes, find the right path forward for your business, and grow your revenue

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’ve a great new product but you don’t have the resources to build a productive sales funnel.


You’ve achieved steady growth but you need to turn up the velocity.


You’ve reached critical mass in your current market and need to expand into new markets. 


You can’t get enough quality sales opportunities that close

You’re having trouble getting in front of your target audience

Your product sounds just like your competitors

You need to focus on being the CEO, not leading sales and marketing

You have many feature ideas but are unclear what your customers want to buy

The growth



Projects are managed as a series of data-driven, iterative growth sprints. Growth sprints follow a 4-step process, and the execution is custom-tailored to your unique business objectives. The goal is to generate high-buying-intent leads for your sales team. These aren’t churn and burn leads or boilerplate marketing programs, the growth sprints bring sustained revenue from leads that fit your target profile and are ready to pull the trigger.

1 Assess

Every sprint begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand your business, your customers, and your industry to hone your unique selling proposition.

Based on your objectives, and our assessment findings, we create a growth blueprint to help you achieve your revenue goals.

3 Execute

We build high-impact content and laser-focused outreach to your target audience at scale. Our goal: drive high-buying-intent leads for your team.

4 Measure & Iterate

2 Plan

We measure the success of our blueprint and iterate to continue driving sustainable growth. As we learn more about your customers and your market we devise new experiments to increase your growth rate.

Sample growth sprint

Days 1-30

Outreach to first 1,000 prospects

Build case study

Sales integration

30-point growth readiness review

Business model and strategy

Asset identification

Market & Customer Assessment

Analyze, Strategize & Plan


Days 31-60

Iteration 1

Target profile

Messaging document

Build landing page & datasheet

System setup

Days 61-90

Iteration 2

Add 1,000 new prospects

Adjust messaging based on findings

Days 91-120

Iteration 3

Add another 1,000 new prospects

Create sales video

Retrospective & recommendations

Days 120+

Inflection Point

Keep growing

-or- Transition in-house

-or- Expand scope of sprint

Your growth team

We’re an exclusive, boutique team of industry experts with extensive, multi-faceted experience tailored to the unique needs of B2B SaaS-based businesses.

Sprint building blocks

Based on years of experience across more than a dozen SaaS and software companies, we’ve developed a unique set of skills to align your company to the buying needs of your customers, and execute a growth plan to reach out across your unique market.

Voice of the customer research

Positioning & messaging strategy

Product-led growth strategies

Market segmentation & ideal customer profiling

Web strategy & development

Paid media strategy strategy & management

Targeted one-on-one sales outreach automation

SEO-based content creation

Customer nurture workflow design & execution

Sales collateral development

Sales and marketing data analysis

Jeff Curie

Former SaaS CEO with 20 years operational experience growing B2B SaaS and software companies in marketing, sales and product leadership. Raised $90M, led through growth stages $1M-$250M (exit), $2M-$40M, $7M-12M, $0-$5M.

Ben Thiefels

Pragmatic-certified product marketer and web strategist focused on helping growth-stage SaaS companies identify, communicate their value, differentiate their products, and build experiences that drive results.      

Nate Rupple

Co-founder and CEO of Upside Sales, a company built by sales experts focused on the art and science of measurable sales outreach at scale.

Ready to grow?

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Success story

We increased the valuation of a SaaS AP Automation business by $20M in 18 months

Within 12-months sales pipeline hit a record high of $1M 

Within 18-months the company doubled their sales growth rate and increased their valuation by over $20M

The company used the additional cash flow to hire more people to continue their growth

They plan to double their growth rate again in 2021

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